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New development promises sustainable community and business center with a plan for 1100 homes for SCV residents.

It’s the 21st century. While we don’t quite have the “Jetson” lifestyle with flying cars and apartment complexes in the sky, we do have smart phones,

Vista Canyon

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electric and hybrid cars, and developments that provide a community-centric place for residents to live and work, while being environmentally friendly.

On July 9th, groundbreaking began on a new development that is truly a sign of the times. Located near the east end of the Santa Clarita Valley at Lost Canyon, Vista Canyon will provide a mix of 1100 homes that will include apartments as well as single family homes. The true selling point is that Vista Canyon will be a mixed community that provides a truly immersive experience for those who wish to live within walking distance of work. Innovative and ambitious with the future in mind, this community will also dedicate 1 million square feet of space to retail, dining, businesses, and hotels.  Continue reading

First two phases of long-awaited Newhall Land & Farming development win court battle over environmental concerns.

The Newhall Land & Farming Company has been reshaping the Santa Clarita residential landscape since it broke ground on the SCV’s first master-planned community Newhall Land and Farming Companyknown as Valencia. They have continued throughout the years, adding several new housing developments on the west side of the valley.

In 1994, plans were drawn up for the Newhall Ranch project, which would be a crowning achievement for Newhall Land. The plan includes over 20,000 homes on land west of Interstate 5 and south of Highway 126. It is estimated that the project will bring 60,000 permanent jobs to the area. With the announcement of this project came concerns from groups as to how this development will impact the local environment.

The Newhall Ranch project was finally given the go-ahead by the Los Angeles County Planning Commission in 2012 after lawsuits by Friends of the Santa Clara River and Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment (SCOPE) failed to stop the project through the courts. Continue reading

Lexington and Charleston new home developments offer larger, executive style homes for growing families in Santa Clarita.

In May of this year, Newhall Land & Farm, Santa Clarita’s premier developer, launched another phase in their ongoing development of quality neighborhoods designed for Santa Clarita home buyers.

RiverVillage, located near the Golden Valley Cross Connector in Santa Clarita, is comprised of two separate developments (Lexington and Charleston), and is currently in the building stage; offering great new homes to qualified home buyers. These two developments offer buyers eight different single family residence models to choose from. Continue reading

Take advantage of every opportunity you get to save money!  Many of the new home builders are now offering energy efficient homes.  The Plum Canyon Ranch tract in Saugus makes it a standard feature in ALL of their new homes.  To get the best possible deal with the most upgrades, give me a call today!  Remember, we need to accompany you there the first time you go, so please give us a call and we will rush over to meet you.  Call us for details: 661-510-2789

There are many new home tracts in the Santa Clarita Valley that are offering solar energy as part of the residence packages that they are building out.

My wife and I moved into a solar-powered new home in the Sage Tract in Saugus (Plum Canyon area) that was built with solar technology.

One thing to remember about the newer solar technology is that the solar panels are now built INTO the roof line, so you no longer have to worry about the unsightly and huge panels that jut out across the top of your home. Newer solar panels are much more energy efficient and require less maintenance than the ones they were building just a few years ago.

Here’s an important fact about our electricity bill: Our electric bill has averaged around $7 per month, and in some cases, it’s been less than $2.

If you were to hire a solar company to install panels into your current home, you will pay a monthly fee to that company until the construction bill is paid off. Understand that when you purchase a NEW home that is constructed with solar technology, you aren’t paying a monthly fee to the solar company that installed it, so you can begin almost instantly saving $$ on your electric bill.

If you would like more information on how this all works, or would like to schedule a viewing of new homes in the Santa Clarita Valley that are being constructed with solar technology, contact me by clicking here, or call me directly at 661-510-2789. You can always search for homes and learn more about the home buying process by going to

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I had specific needs for my new home. Brandon was very patient with my unique situation and flexible when it kept changing. He showed me so many houses, but with little inventory, none of them were quite perfect or they had too much HOA or Mello Roos. Finally when we found The One, no HOA, no Mello Roos, it had been on the market for 4 days and I made an offer that morning. I was sure the sellers would give it to someone else but Brandon worked hard to make sure they accepted my offer and by that night, the house was mine. Had it not been for Brandon I would still be searching for a house because so far, there is still nothing better than mine.
Lisa G. , Saugus
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