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Aggregate mining deal could have added pollution, traffic, and degrade quality of life in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Mining is nothing new to the Santa Clarita Valley. In fact, gold was discovered in the SCV 6 years before the Sutter’s Mill discovery that kicked off the

Santa Clarita Valley

Overlooking the Santa Clarita Valley from Bear Divide

California Gold Rush.

Over the years, mining companies have come and gone. Gold, oil, gemstones, quartz, and other precious minerals have been mined in our valley since the 19th century.

So what was the big deal when a large mining company called CEMEX was awarded two 10-year contracts in 1990 to mine aggregate sand and gravel on a location in Soledad Canyon that has been mined since the 1950’s. After all, there was already a well established Santa Clarita family-owned mining company already doing the same thing?

Curtis Sand and Gravel had been mining the area of Soledad Canyon on the east side of the Valley since the late 1960’s. Their extracts equaled 300,000 to 450,000 tons of material per year from the Santa Clara riverbed. It was a relatively small operation in comparison, with traffic and pollution at tolerable levels to the surrounding areas and neighborhoods. Continue reading

New development promises sustainable community and business center with a plan for 1100 homes for SCV residents.

It’s the 21st century. While we don’t quite have the “Jetson” lifestyle with flying cars and apartment complexes in the sky, we do have smart phones,

Vista Canyon

Photo coutesy JSB Entertainment

electric and hybrid cars, and developments that provide a community-centric place for residents to live and work, while being environmentally friendly.

On July 9th, groundbreaking began on a new development that is truly a sign of the times. Located near the east end of the Santa Clarita Valley at Lost Canyon, Vista Canyon will provide a mix of 1100 homes that will include apartments as well as single family homes. The true selling point is that Vista Canyon will be a mixed community that provides a truly immersive experience for those who wish to live within walking distance of work. Innovative and ambitious with the future in mind, this community will also dedicate 1 million square feet of space to retail, dining, businesses, and hotels.  Continue reading

2014 saw a true recovery and rebound of the real estate market in the SCV.

We’ve seen quite a turnaround in the Santa Clarita real estate community in the last few years. From negative equity and falling prices, to a sizable Real Estate Update for 2015growth in both, Santa Clarita homeowners are once again seeing returns on their investment.

Single family homes have seen a median increase of just over $50,000 between January and the end of November 2014 (The last month that statistics are currently available from the Southland Regional Association of Realtors).  Condominiums have fared well, jumping by $45,000 in the same time period.

Can we expect the same for 2015?

So far, economic indicators look very positive nationally and locally for 2015. 2014 ended with interest rates still holding at below 4 percent, and while sales leveled off between Thanksgiving and Christmas (As they usually do), Montemayor and Associates still closed deals all the way through the holidays. It was a fairly steady market for those looking to start off the New Year in a new home! Continue reading

Parenting Magazine ranks the top 10 best cities in America.

When it comes to living in a great area that’s still close to everything that’s fun to do in Southern California, Santa Clarita consistently ranks near the top on many lists.Bridgeport NightC (Medium)

Recently, Parenting Magazine put together their “Top 10 Safest Cities In America”  list, which included our fair city. Here they are ranked in order from lowest to highest:

10. Sterling Heights, MI. A suburb located 25 miles north of Detroit.

9. Surprize, AZ. A suburb of Phoenix.

8. Naperville, Ill.

7. Gilbert, AZ.

6. Amherst, NY

5. Irvine, CA

4. Woodbridge Township, NJ

3. Santa Clarita, CA

2. Port St. Lucie, FL

1. Edison, NJ

This list was composed based on crime statistics and the “peace index” as determined by the Institute For Economics and Peace.

As you may know, Santa Clarita is now the third largest city in Los Angeles County, and has consistently ranked near the top of on several lists regarding safety and quality of life, demonstrating the true sense of community we have here in our valley.

Are you ready to make a move to Santa Clarita?

A wide selection of housing to fit nearly any budget, award winning schools, plenty of things to do for the whole family, AND close to all of the great things Southern California has to offer, Santa Clarita is a great place to call home! With interest rates dropping yet again, buyers should be aware of the tremendous purchasing power that’s at their disposal. Interest rates as of November 26th:

30 year fixed-rate mortgage: 3.89%

15 year fixed-rate mortgage: 3.11%

FHA 30 year fixed: 3.38%

5/1 year Adjustable Rate Mortgage: 3.24%

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Fines of up to $500 per day can be levied against SCV homeowners who misuse water allotments.

It goes without saying that California is experiencing one of its worst droughts on record. Water tables are extremely low, and earlier this California Aqueductyear, Governor Jerry Brown requested all residents reduce their water consumption by at least 20%.

Unfortunately, recent data released show that Californians actually INCREASED water consumption by 1% in May, prompting state officials to implement accountability standards for residents to compel them to begin more stringent water conservation efforts.

A fine of up to $500 per day may be levied against residents who are known to be wasting water. Overwatering of lawns to the point of causing runoff into gutters and drains, using a hose to wash down driveways and sidewalks, or washing cars without using a nozzle with a shutoff valve are only a few of the potential infractions that can come with a hefty fine.  Continue reading

Los Valles Housing Development Left For Dead In The Wake Of Recession Is Given New Life

A half decade ago, Los Valles was a dream community planned for  Hasley Canyon in Castaic that would have featured just over 200 homes, 14 recreation lots and an 18 hole golf

Los Valles Development coming to Castaic

Castaic CA

course (Designed by none other than Arnold Palmer). Its completion at a time of high hopes and a rolling economy would have competed for home buyers against other luxury communities in Westridge and Sand Canyon.

Unfortunately, the recession came along just as the wheels of progress had begun to spin on Los Valles, and the project was put on hold as the housing crash dashed the hopes of the developers to make their dream project come true. The property ultimately became a victim of bankruptcy.

New Life, New Vision For Los Valles

The property was purchased as a foreclosure sale by a Delaware company which goes by the name of SFI Los Valles Company LLC, who intends to double the number of homes built for the development while abandoning the golf course altogether. Considered to be a “low density” community, lot sizes for each property plan to range from 7,000 to 12,000 square feet. While home layouts or specs have not officially been made available, word has it that the large lots will contain large homes, totaling 497 in number.  Continue reading

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Approves Community Standard Measures For Agua Dulce

Vasquez Rocks Natural Park, Agua Dulce CA

Vasquez Rocks Natural Park, Agua Dulce CA

For many, the American dream involves “moving to the country.” Fortunately for Angelenos, the “country” isn’t too far away. The community of Agua Dulce lies just north of the City of Santa Clarita, and is sometimes referred to as an “equestrian paradise.” It’s rolling hills, country stores, 2 lane streets, and ranch style living provides a much needed getaway from the Los Angeles rat race.

Agua Dulce is a tight knit community. As the Pacific Crest Trail winds its way through the area, some residents even host weary hikers during the season; giving them a change to rest before continuing on their journey.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Park Area is not only a great place for hiking and horseback riding, it’s been featured in an untold number of movies, television shows and commercials.  Continue reading

Proposed  Jobs and Education Development Initiative Act could bring new redevelopment money to Santa Clarita.

Ask anyone who has lived in the Santa Clarita Valley at least since the 1990’s about Old Town Newhall, and they’ll most likely tell you stories of how they would use San

Main Street in Old Town Newhall

Main Street in Old Town Newhall

Fernando Road (now Main Street) to get to the 14 freeway, barely stopping to glimpse at what was once the population center of Santa Clarita.

Until 2011, the City of Santa Clarita had been able to take advantage of redevelopment funding from the State of California, which helped to revitalize Old Town Newhall from a street full of deferred maintenance structures and run down warehouses, to what it’s become today; a vibrant area alive with theaters, restaurants and retail shops anchored by Santa Clarita’s newest state-of-the-art library. During that time, commercial property values increased, along with much needed tax dollars to the community. The entire downtown Newhall area received a facelift, and it became a fun place to be.

The end of redevelopment funding and a questionable future for Old Town Newhall. Continue reading

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