Yes, it involves more than just sticking a sign in your yard!

While all real estate agents may look the same from a distance, we are very much different in our approaches to marketing your property for Montemayor & Associates Home For Salesale. Experience, successes, and professional demeanor vary from agent to agent, and when it comes to selling your home, you deserve someone who has your best interests at heart.

Real Estate Marketing Methods That Make a Difference

Proper Pricing

We’ve talked about this in depth previously, but we can’t stress enough the importance of pricing your home realistically for sale. Sellers who “test the market” by overpricing their home run the risk of having their home sit on the market while similar homes sell out from under them.  Continue reading

Aside from a license, your real estate agent should possess other qualities that will guarantee your success as a buyer or seller.

Real estate agents all look the same, don’t they? I mean, if you open a real estate guide, or take a look at ads, flyers, postcards, etc., you’ll usually see our smiling faces donned in our best professional threads. On the surface, it might not be so easy to figure out which agent to choose to represent your real estate interests. Continue reading

Protecting what’s within your biggest asset is worthwhile to both buyers and sellers.

So you’re buying a home. Congratulations! Of course there are all sorts of disclosure statements that require both the seller and the seller’s agent to disclose any known Home Warrantyissues that may affect the sale of the home. Escrow contingencies also come with the opportunity to have a thorough home inspection conducted by a certified inspector or professional contractor, so you should have faith that you know what you’re buying.  But what happens if something goes wrong in the home…after you’ve closed escrow?

A home warranty provides protection for various issues that can prevent you from paying repair and replacement fees out of your own pocket. Just like any other extended warranty, they cover many different items in your home that may include: Continue reading

Increases in home sales along with steady (And low) interest rates make for a great market in the SCV.

The Santa Clarita housing market remains on the upward swing with sales in April seeing a 36 percent upswing since February. There are currently 569 active listings (IE: Available homes for sale) in the Santa Clarita Valley communities of Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Newhall, Canyon Country and Castaic. Numbers do not include the ranch communities of Acton and Agua Dulce.

372 homes are currently in “back up” position, meaning an offer has been accepted by the seller, but they are still accepting back up offers from buyers. 298 homes are pending a final sale (Off the market and undergoing the escrow process).

318 homes closed escrow in April. Compare this to only 203 homes sold in February, and you’ll see that’s an increase of 36%. Continue reading

Offering staging, organization and decorating to make your home more inviting and functional for you and your lifestyle.

We often talk a lot about “curb appeal” in real estate. Curb appeal of course is one of those hyperbolic phrases we use when a home we’re selling looks great from the Gin Treadwell-Eng Home-Decorating, Organization and Stagingstreet. In many cases, curb appeal will make or break a buyer’s decision to stop and take a look at the inside of your home.

That being said, “curb appeal” works best when the INSIDE of your home is as equally appealing to a buyer as the OUTSIDE!

What is Home Staging?

Another word we real estate professionals use when working with sellers is “staging.” Staging basically refers to the process of setting the “stage” in your home’s appearance to maximize its size and benefits. Why is this important?

As we live in our homes longer, we tend to accumulate “stuff” that makes us more comfortable in our surroundings. In some cases, the “stuff” may look and feel great to us, but when it comes to selling our home, the “stuff” may not create the right atmosphere for the buyer. In other cases, the “stuff” has taken over. Seller’s must remember that our “comfort clutter” may inadvertently make their home look small or cramped to the buyer.

A professional home stager can add the right touches to help declutter your home, and embellish the decor of a room (or all of your rooms) so that it enhances the buyer’s desire to see themselves as the new owners.

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster?

According to statistics from the International Association of Staging Professionals®, 95% of staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less, and for 17% more money. 

Professional Home Staging and Decorating Services by Gin Treadwell-Eng.

Montemayor and Associates is proud to refer Gin Treadwell-Eng Home Organization, Decorating and Staging. Whatever your home goals, Gin can help you achieve them. From furniture and paint selection to choosing decorative accessories and organization of spaces, Gin guarantees to make your home an inviting place that not only looks good, but functions beautifully for you and your lifestyle.

Recently, Brandon sat down with Gin to talk about her work and how she has been able to help his sellers.

For more information:

Gin Treadwell-Eng
Gin Treadwell-Eng Home
Organization, Decorating & Staging
(310) 435-1272
Learn more and see samples of Gin’s work on her Facebook page by clicking here.

New study shows more buyers are using their current homes as positive cash flow.

More often than not, home owners looking to move put their current property up for sale, and use the proceeds toward the purchase of theThinking about renting your home when you move instead of selling? new home. However, we’re seeing a growing trend that is perhaps a by product of economic events that have been trending for the past five years or so.

A recent report released by Redfin showed that 39% of prospective home buyers would consider keeping their current home to use as a rental, as opposed to selling. This appears to be a growing trend of homeowners nationwide, many of whom may have benefited from a post-crash home purchase at a lower price.

For many, it makes sense to hold onto their home in light of continued growth in equity and property value, while taking advantage of the positive cash flow that can come with renting it out.  Continue reading

It’s still a hot real estate market for sellers, but how realistic are your goals?

We’ve spoken in depth on several occasions about the real estate market rebound. Compared to the chaos of a half decade ago, home owners are once again enjoying Proven home selling strategies from Montemayor & Associatesrising value and, in many cases, a quick sale.

It’s important as a seller to understand that even in a positive real estate market, the Principle of Value still applies. In some cases, sellers have lost out to really good offers lately because they get greedy about the possibility of making even more money on their home than the market can bear. Yes, it’s one thing to sit back while dozens of simultaneous offers pour in from buyers, but its another to use bad strategies in hopes that you can “cash in” on the market.

The proven real estate selling strategy that works…EVERY TIME!

This is where we get a LOT of resistance from some sellers, but honestly, this strategy DOES work all the time, every time. Our job is to sell your home at the best possible price, right? The best way to do that is to get as many buyers through your door as possible. So what drives buyers? Well, aside from their own wants, needs and desires when it comes to their dream home, they are also driven by price. It’s a natural modern human trait. We all want a great deal. Continue reading

Making additions and improvements to your home without a permit may wreak havoc with its appraised value.

It happens all too often. Someone lists their home for sale at what seems to be Fair Market Value. An offer is accepted, and escrow opens with high hopes for a smooth Unpermitted construction can affect a home's value.closing for both the buyer and seller. As part of the escrow and loan approval process, the home  is appraised by a professional who assesses the value far below the selling price. Why? As it turns out, that lovely family room extension was built without a construction permit.

So why did the appraisal come in so much lower? The addition looks great. It blends with the home’s original design and looks as if it were professionally constructed?

The problem is, the appraiser cannot include the unpermitted addition as part of the overall size of the home. For example, if the home’s living space is 2,000 square feet with the addition, but only 1,500 without, then the appraiser must consider only the portion of the home that was constructed under proper and legal building permits. In other words, the original comparable based on other 2,000 square foot homes sold in the area cannot be considered.  Continue reading

Basketball legend drops price from $29M to $16M and still can’t get it to sell at auction.

Some guys have all the luck. This, combined with incredible skill and talent has made basketball legend Michael Jordan one of the most sought after and marketable

Michael Jordan

Photo courtesy of Steve Lipofsky,

celebrities on the planet. With a net worth estimated at around $650,000,000 (Yes, that’s MILLION), you would think it wouldn’t matter that he has a 56,000 square foot custom mansion outside of Chicago, Illinois just lying around. In 2012, Jordan put the home up for sale with a price tag of $29,000,000, and has since reduced the price a few times, finally settling on $16,000,000 after it failed to find a buyer at an auction in December of last year.

In fact, Jordan no longer lives there, having purchased a smaller home (in comparison) in Charlotte, NC. This move made it easier to be near the Bobcats, a team where he has a majority stake.

A Hard Sell

Aside from the size, Jordan’s home, built in 1995 boasts 9 bedrooms, 15 baths, a full size, regulation basketball court, a state of the art entertainment room, smoking room with full humidifier and air filters, wine room, tennis court, putting green, chipping green, a 14 car garage and…no rear neighbors! The home also sits on 7.39 acres of land.

After failing to secure a buyer, the home was put up for auction held by a company called Concierge Auctions. Buyers had to submit a $250,000 bond before they could qualify to place bids. The home failed to receive bids at the minimum reserve price, and it went unsold at the auction’s conclusion.  Continue reading

Median Santa Clarita Valley home sales jump from September to October.

In a report issued by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors, Santa Clarita has once again seen gains in home prices during the month of October. The median sales Santa Clarita home prices on the rise.price for a single family detached residence topped out at $440,000 last month, which is a nearly 3 percent gain over September. Year over year, we’ve seen home prices rise just over 22 percent from October 2012, where home prices averaged $360,000.

Condominiums prices are also rising. This is good news considering their slow start out of the gate once the real estate recovery began in earnest. Homeowner Association regulations regarding FHA financing for the purchase of some condominiums had led to slow growth, but it appears that home buyers eager to “get into the game” have overcome those obstacles as condo prices have jumped 40 percent from October of last year. Average sales price of a Santa Clarita condo was $280,000. Continue reading

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