Large, 2 story pool home is ready for you and your family!

3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths. 1,635 Square Feet

Come and see this adorable 2 story home in the Circle J Ranch community of Saugus, in the Santa Clarita Valley.
With over 1600 square feet of living space, you’ll find its the perfect home for your growing family. Upgrades such as custom tile and wood flooring are wonderful touches in this turn key property.

Master bedroom comes with its own walk-in closet and private bath, and two more bedrooms are perfect for your growing family, or can be used as home office/flex space.

You’ll enjoy entertaining and relaxing in the back yard complete with large pool, spa, and plenty of room for kids to play safely.Close to award winning schools, parks, shopping, and commuter access, this is truly a great place to call home!

Offered at $560,000

There are plenty of benefits to paying cash for a home, but don’t overlook the opportunities that come with leverage.

As it is often said, a home purchase is one of the biggest decisions we make in our lifetime. It comes with many responsibilities, and many advantages.All cash home buyer

One advantage, of course, is the fact that over time, your investment will grow in value. It can be safely said that real estate is one of the safest long term investments one can make.

That being said, you have a few choices as to how you’ll make that investment work for you. You can either pay cash for your home (Provided you have that kind of cash on hand), or you can finance. So which one is better?

Pros Of Paying Cash For Your Home

  • The first, and most obvious, is that you won’t have a monthly mortgage payment
  • You own your home outright, and are given title, as soon as escrow closes
  • Escrow may close more quickly, as you have options to waive certain contingencies that are usually required when you obtain a mortgage loan

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Median price of single family homes takes a 6 percent swing upward from February.

The Santa Clarita real estate market showed signs of a continued rebound when statistics recently released from the Southland Regional Association Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Updateof Realtors showed the median price of a single family home reached $520,000 in the SCV in March. This represents a slightly higher than 6 percent median equity increase over the previous month.

To put it more plainly: Single family home prices rose $30,000 in one month!

In fact, home prices have risen nearly $60,000 since March of 2014, which begs the question yet again: What other investment can you make that will net you an equitable return of this magnitude in 12 months?

Leveraging your money to leverage equity.

Say, for example, you purchased a home in Santa Clarita in March of 2014 for the median price of $462,000. Now, if you obtained what we call a conventional fixed-rate mortgage using a 20 percent down payment ($92,400), then in one year you’ve technically made back nearly 2/3 of your cash investment.  Continue reading

What happens when you want to buy a home, but you need the proceeds from the sale of your current home to put the deal together?

“Putting the cart before the horse,” is a phrase we often hear with regard to performing a task out of order. In some cases, this can happen in real Brandon Montemayorestate as well.

Let’s say a homeowner who THOUGHT they were perfectly happy in their current home comes across what they feel is their dream home. They want that home, and they feel they need to make an offer as soon as they can. The problem is, they need the proceeds from the sale of their current home to close the deal. The double-whammy to the problem is…they don’t have their current home listed for sale.

This can be an issue if you’ve already found your home of choice. In fact, we would always recommend putting a plan together where you list your home for sale first before you find your “dream home.” Why?

For one thing, many sellers want to be sure that their escrow will close on time…or at least close at all. Their accepting your offer would mean that they have very little control over the time it will take for your home to sell and close escrow.  Continue reading

Aside from price, buyers should consider the long term aspects of home ownership as well.

Two things usually dwell in a buyer’s mind when they are in the early stages of purchasing a home: The home they dream about, and the home they Find your dream homecan afford.

That being said, are there ways to come to terms with the latter, while taking a long-term approach toward the former?

This has a lot to do with dialing into your home buying “wants and needs.” If you could “wave a magic wand” and have the home of your dreams, what is it that you would REALLY want, versus what you may fantasize about? Are these wants and needs “absolutes,” or are you willing to compromise a little to focus on the priorities of your home purchase desires.

Is it space? Do you NEED a large, house or do you simply WANT one? If that’s the case, then based on your home purchase funding, you might consider another location where home prices are slightly less. In Santa Clarita for example, you get a bit more “bang for your buck” in some areas of Saugus, Newhall and Canyon Country (Compared perhaps to Valencia and Stevenson Ranch). However, you may find that it takes longer to access the major commuter corridors, or that you may be a bit farther away from some of the major shopping and entertainment centers in the valley. So in considering priority of importance, what’s more important to you? Continue reading

Equity is up, interest rates are down, and good news for 2015 home buyers.

It might be safe to say that the real estate “slump” is over. We might even dare say, as 2015 fast approaches, that our “recovery” is turning into a full on real estate boom. That is, if things Montemayor and Associatescontinue the way they are going.

In using the term “boom,” we’re not referring to the over hyped and over priced real estate market we experienced a decade ago, which was fueled largely in part by speculation, some fast stock trading, and the dubious practice of sub-prime mortgages. Instead, we’re referring to the steady growth of the Santa Clarita real estate market over the past few years, which includes a return to equity growth for homeowners, solid lending practices, and buyers truly qualified to afford the homes they purchase.

We’ve seen an overall rise in value of both single family residences and condominiums in 2014, with increases in value of over 10% since January. Short sales and foreclosures have also continued to drop in the SCV. Continue reading

What, if anything, is a seller required to do to their home before you move in?

We’ve written previously about the escrow process, contingencies, and the California purchase agreement. As a buyer, you have the right to inspect the home (Within a certain amount of Real Estate Home Inspectiontime) and make a request to the seller for repairs based on the results of the home inspection. Technically speaking, you can make repair requests based on your own findings, although hiring a certified home inspector or building contractor will provide you with a more thorough inspection, along with a detailed written report that will go to you, your agent, the seller, the seller’s agent and finally, the escrow officer.

That being said, does a seller HAVE to respond to your request for repairs? Or can they simply tell you “No.”

Section 9 of the California Residential Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (Also known as an RPA-CA) states:

Unless otherwise agreed: (i) the Property is sold (a) in its PRESENT physical (“as-is”) condition as of the date
of Acceptance and (b) subject to Buyer’s Investigation rights;

So according to the face value of the purchase agreement, the seller does not have to respond to your request for repairs. HOWEVER, this does not mean that every seller will refuse to accept your requests. Since we’ve discussed contingencies in the past, you know that, within an agreed upon time frame (or 17 days according to the default date set on the contract), you as a buyer have the right to cancel the contract and have your good faith deposit returned to you. So it is in a seller’s interest to at least consider your repair requests or risk what we call in the real estate industry a BOM (Back On Market) property. Continue reading

Santa Clarita residents test their endurance as it celebrates the marathon’s 20th year.

Marathoners, runners, joggers, and even those who love a good stroll are welcome to the 2014 Santa Clarita Marathon this Sunday, November 2nd. 2014 Santa Clarita Marathon

This is a qualifying event for the Boston Marathon, with many runners taking it very seriously. The courses will mostly follow the city’s trail system that cris-crosses the valley, with minimal traffic disruptions occurring mostly early during the event.

Along with the 26.2 mile marathon, runners can also compete in a half marathon, 5K run, the Mayor’s Walk, and the kids 5K for children ages 12 and under.

This year will debut the relay marathon, where 2 person teams can share the course with one running the first 13.25 miles, and the second running the final 12.95 miles.

Learn more about the courses and view course maps here.  Continue reading

Rates hold steady while economy continues to improve.United States Federal Reserve System

We’ve had a fascinating turn of events, economy-wise in 2014. Recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed continued job growth and the unemployment rate falling below 6% for the first time in six years. The median price of a single family home in Santa Clarita has risen nearly $60,000 since January, with condos rising $35,000. Yes, we’ve seen more homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley than we had this time last year, but the rise in inventory denotes more of a balance in our real estate market than anything else.

There have been some doom sayers last year that predicted things would be much different by this time. Some predicted that the reduction in Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve would cause interest rates to leap forward. Others predicted another real estate bubble. None of which has happened in 2014.

In fact, the Federal Reserve recently announced that no new changes would take place in interest rates for at least the foreseeable future. They did this in part to insure the economy continues on its path to recovery by making money cheap to borrow. They are also taking precautions in the wake of a stronger dollar bumped up against slower economic growth in international markets. It’s a delicate balance, along with decisions that have affected our national economy in a very strong way, with the stock market spiking upward upon the most recent news. Continue reading

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I had specific needs for my new home. Brandon was very patient with my unique situation and flexible when it kept changing. He showed me so many houses, but with little inventory, none of them were quite perfect or they had too much HOA or Mello Roos. Finally when we found The One, no HOA, no Mello Roos, it had been on the market for 4 days and I made an offer that morning. I was sure the sellers would give it to someone else but Brandon worked hard to make sure they accepted my offer and by that night, the house was mine. Had it not been for Brandon I would still be searching for a house because so far, there is still nothing better than mine.
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