Take this short quiz to see how well YOU know the SCV!

So what happens when your out of town on vacation or business and you tell someone you’re from Santa Clarita? Usually you’re met with perhaps a puzzling stare, or Newhall, CAsomeone asking if that’s the place just south of San Francisco. Do you usually respond with “It’s the town where Six Flags Magic Mountain is”?

The SCV is more than just the place of Magic Mountain, and we have a diverse and fascinating history. So how well do you know the SCV? We dare you to challenge yourself with this fun quiz. Answers are below, but NO PEEKING!

Test your knowledge of the SCV.

1. What was the name of the area that includes the Santa Clarita Valley that was purchased by Henry Mayo Newhall?

2. True or False: Gold was discovered in Santa Clarita prior to the discovery of gold in Sutter’s Mill that led to the great gold rush in the mid 19th century.

3. What was the name of the first town to be established in the SCV by Henry Mayo Newhall?

4. Name the silent film star who settled in the Santa Clarita Valley, and has several places named for him.

5. What year was the City of Santa Clarita incorporated?

6. True or false: Valencia was the first planned housing development to be built in the Santa Clarita Valley.

7. Speaking of Magic Mountain, when did it first open?

8. Prior to 1963, Canyon Country was known by another name. What was it?

9. The second oldest restaurant in Los Angeles County is still in operation in Santa Clarita. Name the restaurant.

10. True or False: Stevenson Ranch is not in the Santa Clarita City Limits.


1. Prior to the acquisition of California by the United States after the Mexican-American War, the area now known as the Santa Clarita Valley was called Rancho San Francisco. Still referred to as such when Henry Mayo Newhall purchased the land after the Civil War.

2. True. Gold was discovered in Placerita Canyon near the “Oak of the Golden Dream” in 1842. The discovery of gold in Sutter’s Mill in Northern California didn’t happen until 1848.

3. Saugus. Yes, Saugus! Named after Henry Mayo Newhall’s home town of Saugus, Massachusetts.

4. William S. Hart. Among other things, a park, school district, and baseball field are named after the silent film star. His home still resides on the top of the hill at William S. Hart Park in Newhall and is open for tours.

6. False. While Valencia can claim to be the first “master-planned community,” the first housing development of tract homes were actually known as the “Bermite” homes located in what is now known as Old Town Newhall. William G. Bonelli also built tract homes (Known as Bonelli Homes) on Seco Canyon, opening in 1950. Valencia’s first housing development known as Old Orchard didn’t break ground until 1967.

5. 1987.

8. 1971.

8. Solemint. This was a junction of Soledad and Mint Canyons, and was a thoroughfare for those traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the days before the highways were built.

9. The Saugus Cafe opened its doors for business in 1887. While its location has moved (Originally located next to the Saugus train station), and has changed owners several times, it remains the second oldest continually operating eating establishment in Los Angeles County, with a rich history of well known clientele such as President Benjamin Harrison, William Mulholland, and Frank Sinatra.

10. False. While Stevenson Ranch resides in the Santa Clarita Valley, it is actually an unincorporated community under the control of the County of Los Angeles.


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