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Offering staging, organization and decorating to make your home more inviting and functional for you and your lifestyle.

We often talk a lot about “curb appeal” in real estate. Curb appeal of course is one of those hyperbolic phrases we use when a home we’re selling looks great from the Gin Treadwell-Eng Home-Decorating, Organization and Stagingstreet. In many cases, curb appeal will make or break a buyer’s decision to stop and take a look at the inside of your home.

That being said, “curb appeal” works best when the INSIDE of your home is as equally appealing to a buyer as the OUTSIDE!

What is Home Staging?

Another word we real estate professionals use when working with sellers is “staging.” Staging basically refers to the process of setting the “stage” in your home’s appearance to maximize its size and benefits. Why is this important?

As we live in our homes longer, we tend to accumulate “stuff” that makes us more comfortable in our surroundings. In some cases, the “stuff” may look and feel great to us, but when it comes to selling our home, the “stuff” may not create the right atmosphere for the buyer. In other cases, the “stuff” has taken over. Seller’s must remember that our “comfort clutter” may inadvertently make their home look small or cramped to the buyer.

A professional home stager can add the right touches to help declutter your home, and embellish the decor of a room (or all of your rooms) so that it enhances the buyer’s desire to see themselves as the new owners.

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster?

According to statistics from the International Association of Staging Professionals®, 95% of staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less, and for 17% more money. 

Professional Home Staging and Decorating Services by Gin Treadwell-Eng.

Montemayor and Associates is proud to refer Gin Treadwell-Eng Home Organization, Decorating and Staging. Whatever your home goals, Gin can help you achieve them. From furniture and paint selection to choosing decorative accessories and organization of spaces, Gin guarantees to make your home an inviting place that not only looks good, but functions beautifully for you and your lifestyle.

Recently, Brandon sat down with Gin to talk about her work and how she has been able to help his sellers.

For more information:

Gin Treadwell-Eng
Gin Treadwell-Eng Home
Organization, Decorating & Staging
(310) 435-1272
Learn more and see samples of Gin’s work on her Facebook page by clicking here.

Offering a personalized whole fitness approach to sports teams and individuals alike since 2006.

Montemayor & Associates are proud to spotlight another awesome business here in the Santa Clarita Valley!Team Yudin Training

Team Yudin Training offers physical conditioning and full body strength training for individual athletes, sports teams, and anyone who wants to take their health and fitness to the next level.

Team Yudin Training is owned by Mike Yudin, who holds several certifications, including:

  • Josh Henkin Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT Ultimate Sandbag)
  • A John Brookefield Battling Ropes Certification
  • National Exercise Sports Training Association (NESTA)
  • TRX,
  • Youth Nutrition Specialist
  • High School Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification

Aside from personal fitness training, Team Yudin also offers massage and physical therapy by state certified professionals.

Another aspect of proper training is proper nutrition. Team Yudin provides its clients with education and insight on healthy eating to ensure bodies get strong and stay strong.

For more information:

Team Yudin Training
(661) 904-1769



Business-Friendly Santa Clarita Offers Many Incentives For Companies Large and Small

There are many reasons that make up why Santa Clarita is a great place to live. We regularly write about things to do, lifestyle, and great neighborhoods. All of these are Santa Clarita aided by the fact that Santa Clarita’s economy has remained not only stable, but “in the black” even during the roughest days of the Great Recession. Santa Clarita also boasts a lower than average unemployment rate (Currently at least 3 percent lower than Los Angeles County as a whole).

The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation named Santa Clarita the “Most Business Friendly City in Los Angeles County” in 2008. Santa Clarita was also named one of the Top 20 Retail Markets in California by the California Retail Survey in 2012, and “Best City For Industrial Development” by the Los Angeles Business Journal.  Continue reading

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Client Testimonials
I had specific needs for my new home. Brandon was very patient with my unique situation and flexible when it kept changing. He showed me so many houses, but with little inventory, none of them were quite perfect or they had too much HOA or Mello Roos. Finally when we found The One, no HOA, no Mello Roos, it had been on the market for 4 days and I made an offer that morning. I was sure the sellers would give it to someone else but Brandon worked hard to make sure they accepted my offer and by that night, the house was mine. Had it not been for Brandon I would still be searching for a house because so far, there is still nothing better than mine.
Lisa G. , Saugus
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