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Aggregate mining deal could have added pollution, traffic, and degrade quality of life in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Mining is nothing new to the Santa Clarita Valley. In fact, gold was discovered in the SCV 6 years before the Sutter’s Mill discovery that kicked off the

Santa Clarita Valley

Overlooking the Santa Clarita Valley from Bear Divide

California Gold Rush.

Over the years, mining companies have come and gone. Gold, oil, gemstones, quartz, and other precious minerals have been mined in our valley since the 19th century.

So what was the big deal when a large mining company called CEMEX was awarded two 10-year contracts in 1990 to mine aggregate sand and gravel on a location in Soledad Canyon that has been mined since the 1950’s. After all, there was already a well established Santa Clarita family-owned mining company already doing the same thing?

Curtis Sand and Gravel had been mining the area of Soledad Canyon on the east side of the Valley since the late 1960’s. Their extracts equaled 300,000 to 450,000 tons of material per year from the Santa Clara riverbed. It was a relatively small operation in comparison, with traffic and pollution at tolerable levels to the surrounding areas and neighborhoods. Continue reading

Santa Clarita’s thriving economy shines through in latest retail survey.

Even through the worst of what’s now known as The Great Recession that hit the US economy hard a little more than a half decade ago, Santa Clarita has managed to remain stable, if Santa Claritanot vibrant. Our economic numbers have always shown as being “in the black,” and our unemployment figures were (and still are) lower than national, state, and even county averages.

Aside from consistently being ranked high in economic status, schools, and lifestyle, Santa Clarita can also bask in the fact that the city has ranked 21st out of 100 retail markets across the state.

In a recent California Retail Survey, Santa Clarita moved up one notch from 2013 to settle at 21st in retail markets this year, ranking higher than other markets such as Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Burbank.

Santa Clarita is also one of only 29 cities with a retail market above $2 billion (Yes, that’s BILLION with a B!).  Continue reading

City Council to hold ground breaking ceremony for four miles of new bike trails in Santa Clarita.

Adding to a network of more than 70 miles of bike paths in the Santa Clarita Valley, the City Council will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the Golden Valley Bike Trail onSanta Clarita Bike Trail Tuesday, October 15th at 10AM.

The city, working in conjunction with Spirit Properties, will create the trail extension to begin in the River Village area of Saugus that will extend through the Centre Pointe business district, and extend to State Route 14. This will allow bicyclists a north/south access point from the community of Saugus, that will connect with the bike trails that also run east/west along Soledad Canyon and through the Canyon Country as well as Valencia areas.

Click here for a map of bicycle trails in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Commuting in Santa Clarita: Vehicle not necessary!

The more than 70 miles of bike trails and paths already created here in Santa Clarita  have made it easier for commuters from nearly all SCV communities to travel without the use of a motorized vehicle. Bike trails make it safe for cyclists to traverse the city without having to ride on the street and compete with vehicle traffic. On most major city streets, bike lanes are available to maintain separation and safety.  Continue reading

Improvements to the recently acquired Rivendale Park and Open Space to move to the next phase.

Santa Clarita open spaces and hiking trails

Santa Clarita open spaces and hiking trails

In an unanimous move, the Santa Clarita City Council approved a conceptual master plan for improvements to the the Rivendale Park and Open Space, located at the entrance of Ed Davis Park at Towsley Canyon in Newhall.

The conceptual plan, reviewed by the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission in June, calls for improvements on 14 acres of the 60 acre park. These improvements include nearly tripling the size of parking (From the current 107 spaces to 311), 2 and a half miles of trails, improved trailheads, a cultural/educational area, and an amphitheater with approximately 300 fixed seats plus grass seating, as well as the addition of three small restrooms.

Since the City of Santa Clarita acquired the Rivendale property in 1995, its use has been limited primarily as an entry point to the already established trail heads located within Ed Davis Park at Towsley Canyon. The site is made up of three parcels which were annexed into the City of Santa Clarita in 2003.  Continue reading

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